Ornaments, Figures & Funny

The text above is set in Linotype Univers®.
Symbol fonts have become a must for illustrating a variety of graphic designs. Symbols communicate quickly, simply and often universally. Designers will also find it easy to use vectorized symbols for complex graphics even in large print sizes without compromising the quality ... and still be able to pack them into small digital files.
Let our selection of symbol fonts inspire you!

Note: this page contains just a few of our personal favorite symbol fonts. Use our keyword search for ’Symbol’ to find many more symbol fonts in the Linotype Library.

This is the Linotype Expert Choice:

Ornaments | Numbers & Scientific Symbols | Funny & Freaky
Ornaments consist of borders, corner adornments and flowery elements. But they are not just decorative – try using them between text passages or to divide a page.

Numbers & Scientific Symbols

Where would modern communications be without numbers and scientific symbols? These types are equipped with conventional numerals as well as symbols necessary for mathematical and scientific texts.

Funny & Freaky

Our selection of the most unusual and exotic pi and symbol fonts will almost surely lead to fantastic, freaky, funky designs.