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The term "Sans Serif" is derived from French and means "without serifs". Some examples of Sans Serif types are Helvetica, Frutiger, Optima and Futura. For more detailed information about this topic, please take a look at our Font Feature The Sans Serif Typefaces.
Note: this page contains just a few of our personal favorite sans serif fonts. Use our keyword search for ’Sans Serif’ to find many more sans serif fonts on

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Classic sans serif fonts like Helvetica and Univers have been experiencing a renaissance in recent years and are currently all the rage, especially in advertising. You will find application ideas for sans serif fonts in our "Fonts in Use" section.

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Neue Helvetica Linotype Univers Neue Frutiger Palatino Sans Eurostile Next DIN Next Rotis II Sans Linotype Syntax Trade Gothic Next Avenir Next Vectora Compatil Fact FF Scala ITC Franklin Gothic ITC Stone Sans II Vesta Metro Office News Gothic No. 2 Optima Nova FF Meta Classic Grotesque ITC Avant Garde Gothic Futura ITC Quay Sans Praxis Harmonia Sans Carter Sans Massif

Sans Serif fonts have a wide spectrum of possible applications and fresh new typefaces are constantly being developed. Linotype continues to expand its type library with innovative modern sans serif fonts which are excellent for contemporary design. Our ever-growing TakeType Library includes types from young designers who give classic design an original new look. Let your imagination be inspired by these examples, only a small sample of what our collection has to offer.

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Akko Xenois Sans Camphor Daytona Neue Haas Unica Mantika Sans Magma II Yalta Sans Aptifer Sans Metro Nova Vialog Quire Sans Museo Sans Agilita Linotype Ergo Sinova Finnegan Satero Sans Mano Neo Sans Campton Diverda Sans Burlingame Veto Aeris Linotype Aroma No. 2 Hildegard Nami Morris Sans Cisalpin