Calligraphy for Print 1–2

Two collections of calligraphic typefaces that enable you to create beautiful writing with your keyboard
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Calligraphy for Print 1
Graceful and flowing forms are what lend calligraphic script-based fonts their elegance and energy. These fonts are ideal for traditional-looking or refined applications, such as formal invitations or tastefully designed letterhead. Linotype is pleased to present you with the following two collections: "Calligraphy for Print 1 and 2." These collections are made up of the perfect selection of elegant, modern, and extraordinary calligraphic-based typefaces.

This fonts are included in Calligraphy for Print 1:
Ruling Script™
Ruling Script from Gottfried Pott offer users a contemporary script that is well suited for use in posters, magazines and advertising. Ruling Script has the appearance of a calligrapher’s zestful handwriting, but unlike calligraphy, it maintains legibility even in longer lines of text.

Karlgeorg Hoefer’s Sho distinguishes itself by displaying extreme contrast between the strokes that build up its letterforms. A unique characteristic of the font is the way it uses simple round forms to lend a peppy and playful feel to text.

Wiesbaden Swing™ Roman, Bold and Dingbats
Wiesbaden Swing from designer Rosemarie Kloos-Rau is a light, informal typeface. It is based on her own handwriting, and the strokes have a feeling of spontaneity and energetic flair. Characters like the D, O, W, g, n and y really do swing with unbridled confidence and joy. Kloos-Rau says about her typeface: "From the experience with my design company I recognized the need for fonts with personality. Wiesbaden Swing is my contemporary contribution to the field of calligraphy, a headline font which offers a fresh and unconventional approach to typography." This family has both regular and bold weights and a set of Dingbats. The Dingbats are light-hearted and zippy symbols for holidays, children’s products, menus, and more. Wiesbaden Swing will add zest to packaging, catalogs, menus, websites, greeting cards, and magazine layouts.

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