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Type before Gutenberg

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Under the banner "Type before Gutenberg," several well-known calligraphers were invited in the late 1980s and early 1990s to design original interpretations of historical handwriting styles, for use in modern typesetting. Three separate collections made from these typefaces are now available. The "Type before Gutenberg" packs each contain fonts from the different historical ages that lead up to Gutenberg’s invention of movable letters (c. 1450).

Included in these packages are our beloved Herculanum and Omnia from Adrian Frutiger, Gottfried Pott’s Carolingian-style Carolina, and the extravagantly elegant Notre Dame, Beneta, and San Marco from Karlgeorg Hoefer!

Our Type before Gutenberg Value Packs are available at the special low price of .

Get more information about the three various Value Packs Type before Gutenberg 1, Type before Gutenberg 2 and Type before Gutenberg 3.

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