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Font Designer: Renate Weise, 2003

Scriptuale™ is a further typeface by Renate Weise, who designed 1999 the Linotype Charon™. Weise studied Fine Arts at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany, with Prof. Alban Grimm and Pamela Stokes.
She teaches calligraphy and lettering. The free works produced in her studio and shown in exhibitions, are compositions of hand lettering within pictures.
Scriptuale is based formally on calligraphy and aims to regenerate and extend a so-called Varia-Antiqua type.
Inspiration came from the Post-Antiqua, published 1932 in a light and halfbold weight designed by Herbert Post, who studied with Rudolf Koch.
Scriptuale is available in eight weights, four roman and four italic.
The character of the typeface is marked by the original act of writing, the pressure of the pen on the paper followed by the light lift during the downstroke giving each letter and symbol an individual form.
Among other things the effect is intensified by the second vertical of the -n-, which slants in the writing direction, and the effect of the -e-, which tilts slightly left.
The elegant, unflourished expression is supported by the fascinating contrast between the clear, voluminous majuscules and the narrower proportions of the minuscules.

Scriptuale has a lively appearance and is dignified as well. Its italic and roman faces complement on another perfectly, for designing documents for example.
The combination with sans-serif styles strengthens the character of the Scriptuale.
The roman styled cuts of the Scriptuale can be combined with different italic style types, and on the other hand the Scriptuale italic can be combined with different roman style types.
Scriptuale is suitable for all fields of design leaflets, labels, posters, booktitles, advertising of headlines in magazines for example. It opens up many possibilities for the designer, provided the text content and type expression are in harmony.

Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
Download a printable sample of Scriptuale as a PDF.

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