Rotis® Semi Sans font family

Designed by  Otl Aicher in 1988

Rotis Semi Sans

Rotis® Font Family & Packages

Available as Value Pack for instant download or on CD with physical shipping

The Rotis typefaces are available in several groupings: either as a complete, 17-member font family, or as separate font packs (Rotis Semi Sans, Rotis Sans Serif or Rotis

Rotis font family
This font family consists of all versions of Rotis®, named by Otl Aicher after the village in the Allgäu where he has lived since 1972. Aicher’s goal was to design a family of fonts which could serve almost any typographical purpose. Rotis® gives an impression of both strength and generosity and all four versions can be used interchangeably with one another. Rotis® is suitable for book/text, documentation/business reports, business correspondence, magazines, newspapers, posters, advertiments, multimedia, corporate design.

Rotis Semi Sans
This font package consists of six font weights: Rotis Semi Sans 45 Light, Rotis Semi Sans 46 Light Italic, Rotis Semi Sans 55 Roman, Rotis Semi Sans 56 Italic, Rotis Semi Sans 65 Bold and Rotis Semi Sans 75 Extra Bold.

Rotis Sans Serif
The Rotis Sans Serif font package includes the six font weights Rotis Sans Serif 54 Light, Rotis Sans Serif 46 Light Italic, Rotis Sans Serif 55 Roman, Rotis Sans Serif 56 Italic, Rotis Sans Serif 65 Bold and Rotis Sans Serif 75 Extra Bold.

Rotis Serif with Rotis Semi Serif
The Rotis Serif with Semi Serif font package contains the following five font weights: Rotis Serif 55 Roman, Rotis Serif 56 Italic, Rotis Serif 65 Bold, Rotis Semi Serif 55 Roman and Rotis Semi Serif 65 Bold.

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