Type Gallery – Wilhelm Klingspor Gotisch

Font Designer: Rudolf Koch, 1925
Wilhelm Klingspor Gotisch™ appeared in 1925 with the Klingspor font foundry in Offenbach, Germany. Designer Rudolf Koch based his work on the Gothic forms of the 14th century and his broken letter font is often seen in advertisements. However, the ornamental letters do not match today’s legibility standards and Wilhelm Klingspor Gotisch is therefore recommended for use in headlines and short texts with a point size of 12 or larger.
Wilhelm Klingspor Gotisch font contains one weight: Wilhelm Klingspor Gotisch/Wilhelm Klingspor Gotisch DFR. DFR layouts (Deutsche Fraktur) include historic ligatures and a long s. They are provided free of charge with many black and broken letter faces from Linotype.

Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
Download a printable sample of Wilhelm Klingspor as a PDF.

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