Avenir® Next

A new form of an old friend: Avenir Next Rounded

Avenir Next Rounded

Their unique character, with allusions to a stencil typeface and modern effects – these features of the Rounded versions of popular synthetic san serif fonts have long fascinated contemporary designers. Linotype has thus decided to issue some of the variants of Avenir® Next in Rounded versions.

Working in consultation with Adrian Frutiger, Linotype’s Type Director Akira Kobayashi and the designer Sandra Winter have produced four basic weights Regular, Medium, Demi and Bold of Avenir Next Rounded with the corresponding italic versions.

Avenir Next Rounded

Avenir Next with its neutral, easy-going character is thus now available in up-to-date, contemporary variants. This has opened up entirely new perspectives for the use of this popular font in design projects.

Avenir Next Rounded

Avenir Next Rounded
Example texts set in Avenir Next and Avenir Rounded: a harmonious combination that nevertheless provides for animation and contrast.

Avenir Next Rounded

Search with the keyword for ‘Frutiger’ to find all fonts in the Linotype Originals designed by Adrian Frutiger.

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Online publication

Available is an online brochure on Avenir Next that you can read directly from your screen.

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