Avenir® Next

Dialogue between Frutiger & Kobayashi

Adrian Frutiger: Right from the beginning, I was convinced that Avenir® is the better Futura®.

Akira Kobayashi: I share your opinion, but some weights have been missing to make Avenir an all-purpose typeface.

Adrian Frutiger: You mean the condensed weights?

Akira Kobayashi: Yes, with this extension I’m sure Avenir will then be able to cut its own path.

Adrian Frutiger: Then we should get to work putting Avenir onto that path ...

Akira Kobayashi: Yes.

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Avenir Next, along with Compatil®, DIN Next™, Eurostile Next®, Frutiger® Next, Neue Frutiger, Optima® nova, Palatino® nova, Sabon® Next, Linotype Syntax™, Trade Gothic® Next, Linotype Univers® belongs to the typefaces of the Linotype Platinum Collection. These fonts were carefully digitized and have the high quality demanded by professional typography. All fonts of the Platinum Collection were produced according to the Linotype tradition of quality. Linotype and its authorized partners offer these fonts as Platinum Collections CDs or as single fonts or value packs.

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Online publication

Available is an online brochure on Avenir Next that you can read directly from your screen.