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Merengue Script

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Merengue Script is the second typeface designed by Panco, once again together with Ale Paul, who supervised the whole development. In this opportunity, the process of shape research and the systematization of signs led him to dive into new waters. The objective was to generate a system of signs in which the construction of such was not directly bound to traditional calligraphy, nor to texts typography. Instead, the point was to create signs inspired in “Brush pen” calligraphy but with their main features drawn or literally illustrated. The result was a font with personality, authenticity and uncommon formal aspects that make Merengue Script an interesting, highly attractive and rather unusual font. From the very beginning, the search was based on creating a font with weight and good presence in big formats, but, at the same time, efficient for brief texts of small formats. The aim was to make it usable mainly in candy, sweets and chocolate packaging. The predominance of round shapes, harmonious modulations and funny and friendly-looking visual rhythms spark a special effect in the usage of Merengue Script. Texts are enhanced with an interesting visual charm, capable of transforming a very simple text into a virtual illustration that semantically reinforces the messages in a simple way, without putting legibility at risk. With a basic set of stylistic alternatives full of frills and flounces for initials, ornamental and final letters, plus a set of disconnected signs, Merengue Script offers a wide and versatile range of options for graphic designers in the process of packaging design.

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