Monotype is a premier provider of font software for a wide range of print and display applications. We offer fonts and font technologies for devices such as printers and copiers, Mobile Phones, TVs and Set-Top Boxes, digital cameras, and for system and application software. In addition, we provide solutions to independent software vendors, game developers and licensing of software to customers worldwide.

We’re committed to providing fast, reliable and expert service as well as access to one of the largest high-quality typeface collections in the world. The Linotype library is the source of design classics such as the Helvetica®, Univers®, Frutiger®, Times® and Eurostile® typestyles.

The Linotype brand is one of the most enduring and timeless brands in type. We take pride in our reputation for quality and excellence in design. We’re continuously advancing our technologies and expanding into new typographic frontiers.

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We are located in Bad Homburg, Germany. Here is how to contact us:

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