Type Gallery – Hawkhurst

Font Designer: Richard Yeend, 2002
The release of the Hawkhurst™ type family marks the arrival of a contemporary successor to familiar British text faces. Designer Richard Yeend has created a sucessful reinterpretation of transitional typeface style. A unique characteristic of this new design are the serifs, which connect to the letterform stems at slightly varying locations throughout the alphabet. These playful terminals do not distract from the legibility of the line; rather, they function in larger sizes as an intriguing formal element, alluring the reader into the text.
Hawkhurst contains large x-heights and a wide base, in order to stabily lead the eye across the page. Take a closer look at Yeend’s clever design and see for yourself! Included are two weights of text, italics, small caps, and alternate figures.
Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
Download a printable sample of Hawkhurst as a PDF.

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