About Enhanced Screen Quality Fonts (ESQ)

Linotype has taken its parent companyʼs name, and will now be known as Monotype GmbH, unifying type with technology and expertise. The team remains unchanged and can be contacted at the same numbers and addresses that you already have. The information below is valid and you can find further information at our new corporate website here.

Typographic know-how and attention to detail are what set Enhanced Screen Quality (ESQ) fonts above the rest. ESQ fonts are TrueType fonts that have been engineered to look and perform exceptionally well on screen, as well as in traditional print environments. They are developed to make text on screen most legible and true to the typeface’s original design.
First used exclusively by major system and software developers as “core” or system fonts that shipped with their products, ESQ fonts – and custom ESQ font development – are now available from the Monotype Imaging Custom Font Group.

Why Is Screen Quality Important?
Clean, readable screen fonts help ensure that a message is understood and remembered by the reader. ESQ fonts provide a vastly superior screen experience than standard TrueType fonts.
Most computer screens have resolutions of 72 or 96 dots per inch. At these coarse resolutions the subtleties of a typeface’s design become difficult or impossible to represent. The resulting text can be distorted and difficult and may actually impede the reading process. Some TrueType fonts have special instructions or “hints” included as part of the font data which improve on-screen character imaging. ESQ fonts take this hinting process to the highest level available commercially. They are hand-tuned to best represent the font at every size and resolution.

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