OEM Services

Linotype has taken its parent companyʼs name, and will now be known as Monotype GmbH, unifying type with technology and expertise. The team remains unchanged and can be contacted at the same numbers and addresses that you already have. The information below is valid and you can find further information at our new corporate website here.

No matter what the device is that you would like to display or print text with. Contact us for details on licensing and developing fonts for your implementation.

Linotype fonts are in
– Laser, Ink and Digital Printing Systems
– Operating Systems
– Mobile Phones
– Moblie Devices
– Set Top Boxes
and many other communication components.

If you give us the details we can evaluate the technical requirements and give you a quote.

For detailed information, please read OEM – Linotype´s Solutions for your Needs

Contact Linotype:
OEM Services, Technical Support:
e-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +49 (0) 6172 484-418
Technical Support is available between 10.00 am–4.00 pm CEST.

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