About eXcellent Screen Fonts (XSF)

Linotype has taken its parent companyʼs name, and will now be known as Monotype GmbH, unifying type with technology and expertise. The team remains unchanged and can be contacted at the same numbers and addresses that you already have. The information below is valid and you can find further information at our new corporate website here.

XSF-Fonts are OpenType or TrueType fonts with an excellent appearance on screen at small sizes or low resolutions – especially engineered and optimized as a response of the continuous increasing demand for exceptionally readable typefaces on computer screens using Microsoft® Windows operating systems. Of course the printing quality on paper stays as high as you are used to it.

What is the difference between an XSF Font and a standard TrueType? It is the special hand-tuning process, performed by highly trained font engineers and designers, called “Hinting”. Hinting allows a specific optimization of each character by setting specific instructions for screen appearance – dependent upon the point size on screen!

A quite unknown fact: almost all system fonts provided with the Microsoft® Windows operating systems have been manually hinted – generally with an extensive effort to fit the high readability demands of digital office communication.

Contact Linotype:
XSF Fonts, Technical Support:
e-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +49 (0) 6172 484-418
Technical Support is available between 10.00 am–4.00 pm CEST.

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