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Linotype Invasion

Font Designer: Hellmut G. Bomm, 2002

Hellmut G. Bomm about Linotype Invasion™:
"In 1067, William, Duke of Normandy, set off with a massive fleet to England to claim the crown that was promised him. His victory over his foe Harald in the Battle of Hastings made him king of England and he went into the history books as William the Conqueror.

The famous rug of Bayeux (La Tapisserie de Bayeux) from the 11th century tells of the battles of William the Conqueror in its pictures and the Latin text describes the scenes.

I had the idea to turn the writing embroidered on a rug almost a thousand years ago into a text type. The result was three alphabets as well as a symbol font of many of the fantastic creatures woven into the borders of the rug."
Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
Download a printable sample of Linotype Invasion as a PDF.

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