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Font Designer – Dariusz Novak-Nova

Polish designer Dariusz Nowak-Nova created the fonts Linotype Fresh Ewka™ (1997) and Linotype NoweAteny™ (1994).
Linotype Fresh Ewka and Linotype NoweAteny are included in the TakeType Library, chosen from the contestants of Linotype’s International Digital Type Design Contests of 1994 and 1997.
Each letter of Linotype Fresh Ewka seems to be a work in itself. The fine hair lines are decorated with tiny squares and look like wires with nodes while the thicker strokes have indefinite contours and seem to have been made with a thick brush. Linotype Fresh Ewka is suitable for headlines in large point sizes.
Linotype Nowe Ateny is a frantic handwriting font whose capital letters include technical-looking grid lines and end points. These seem to anchor the letters without reducing their volatility. The font consciously lacks elements which increase legibility, sacrificing them for the sake of more design oriented ideals. Nowe Ateny is thus good for headlines in larger point sizes, especially when the look of the text is as important as its content.

Please take a look at the personal designer portrait of Dariusz Nowak-Nova.

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