Font Designer – Andreas Hild

German designer Andreas Hild created the font Astrotype™ in 2002.

Andreas Hild about his font Astrotype:
"I began work on Astrotype because none of the astronomical/astrological fonts I knew were quite what I wanted. To meet the demands of a challenging project I thoroughly researched the available fonts and decided I would need to design my own astronomical/astrological character set.
A passage from the last of the 3-volume work of Adrian Frutiger, Der Mensch und seine Zeichen/Man and His Signs: scripts, symbols, signets, signals, a gift from Prof. Friedrich Friedl, was my main influence. One particular semester project of mine about astrological signs and symbols as well as my general interest in significant simplicity and meaningful homogeneity also played a role.
I created the design with techniques like scribbles with pencils and fineliner markers and the font with Adobe Illustrator on a Mac.
Astrotype is an excellent choice for use in astronomical or astrological literature – books, journals, magazines, etc. It can be used effectively both within the text and in accompanying graphics. Using all weights also opens up a number of illustrative possibilities, for instance on posters or tarot cards.
Clarity, homogeneity and pure simplicity give Astrotype its unique character. Based on the same elements and with consistant proportions, the characters display a natural elegance and harmony. The type really stands out through the ease with which it can be integrated into text and the many creative possibilities of combinations of different weights. For instance, try placing Astrotype N dot over Astrotype P dot and using different colors – perfect for onscreen buttons, icons or decorations."
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