Font Designer – Timo Brauchle, Nico Hensel

German designers Timo Brauchle and Nico Hensel created the font Hot Plateā„¢ in 2002. The letters ofHot Plate are reminiscent of old rub-down vinyl lettering, which could be easily distorted by hand pressure, and the movement of the rub-down sheet before a letter was completely on the page underneath. Type set in one of Hot Plate’s ten text fonts will give your document an instant ransom-note-like effect, without requiring you to sort through multiple fonts. However, as this extensive family includes ten letter-based fonts, which are all slightly different from each other, you should consider further mixing and matching. The possibilities within the family are endless; your document could have almost no two same-appearing letters! If you are looking for a grunge font with a high degree of combination and interchangeability, the Hot Plate family is for you.
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