Font Designer – Michael Parson

Michael Parson – Born 10.1.1979 in Geneva, Switzerland – Graphic Designer, Type Designer, Illustrator.

1998–2002 – Studies Graphic Design at the Ecole Cantonale D’art de Lausanne & Bellecour Genève.

2001 – Creates, as a student project, Type Garage as a support to his type experiments. Has now developed the project as a commercial endevor creating custom fonts for such clients as Dev TV, Morocco, Audioactivity. Has also been developing a series of designs for his type library.

2002 – Works as an independant designer for such clients as Domino’s Pizza Switzerland, Les Eaux D’Aizac, PVA Genève, Projet Santé Gaie.

Fonts contained in the Linotype Library: Anlinear™ (2002), Hexatype™ (2001), Jan™ (2002), Morocco™ (2001), Ned™ (2002), Pargrid™ (2001), Piercing™ (2002), Raclette™ (2002).
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