Type Gallery – Linotype Textra

Font Designer: Jochen Schuss/Jörg Herz, 2003
Jochen Schuss about Linotype Textra™:
“Two in one! The same Linotype Textra, which is so neutral and practical for long text passages turns into an eye-catching headline type when used in larger point sizes. The trick? It’s all in the details. The type’s clear, robust forms give it a high degree of legibility when used in smaller point sizes for texts. When used in larger sizes, the angular, slightly irregular forms which give the type its strong character become apparent. Hence the name Linotype Textra: pure text with a little something extra!
Linotype Textra’s total of 15 weights and its space-saving size provides designers with a good basis for almost any type of work. The five regular types each have a matching true italic and the five small caps weights also include tabular figures.”

Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
Download a printable sample of Linotype Textra as a PDF.

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