Type Gallery – Herculanum

Font Designer: Adrian Frutiger, 1990
Herculanum® font has been selected by Type Directors Club to receive the "Certificate of Excellence in Type Design" 1998.
These original characters, sometimes narrow and sometimes expansive, create a very expressive line flow. This font is therefore recommended for short copy text. However, Herculanum font is also interesting as a headline font and it can be used in combination with copy type prelevant today.
Historical note:
Herculanum font was named after Pompeii’s twin city. It is based on Roman handwritings of the first century A.D. As opposed to the stark form of chiseled or drawn capitals, the swift, hand held stylus gave this italic face a lithe profile. The individual characters, however, still remain clearly separated from each other, and the basic shape of the letters is still discernible. This makes the script easy to adapt to today’s typography.
Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
Download a printable sample of Herculanum as a PDF.

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