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Font Designer: John Baskerville
Baskerville was developed in the 18th century by John Baskerville (1706–1775) and its clear, sharp image set it apart from others of its time. John Baskerville was a major figure in the improvement of print technique and typography and his work influenced the work of such famous designers as Didot in France and Bodoni in Italy.
The fonts of John Baskerville were composed of more contrasting elements than any print characters that had been designed before. They needed finer paper and printing ink in order to display and highlight their details. Baskerville can often still be found in use in books and magazines.
The Linotype Library offers a lot of various Baskerville font versions:
Baskerville Classico™. This version was designed by Franco Luin in 1995. Baskerville Classico contains five weights (Baskerville Classico roman, Baskerville Classico roman SC, Baskerville Classico italic, Baskerville Classico bold, Baskerville Classico bold italic).

Baskerville™ Cyrillic and Greek was designed by Matthew Carter in 1978. Baskerville Cyrillic and Greek contains six weights (Baskerville Cyrillic upright, Baskerville Cyrillic inclined, Baskerville Cyrillic bold, Baskerville Greek monotonic upright, Baskerville™Greek monotonic inclined, Baskerville Greek monotinik bold).

Baskerville was created by John Baskerville. It contains six weights (Baskerville regular, Baskerville regular Old Face, Baskerville regular italic, Baskerville medium, Baskerville medium italic, Baskerville bold).

ITC New Baskerville® was designed by Matthew Carter and John Quaranda in 1978. ITC New Baskerville contains eight weights (ITC New Baskerville roman, ITC New Baskerville roman SC, ITC New Baskerville italic, ITC New Baskerville italic OsF, ITC New Baskerville bold, ITC New Baskerville bold SC, ITC New Baskerville bold italic, ITC New Baskerville bold italic OsF).
Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
Download a printable sample of Baskerville as a PDF.

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