Linotype Zapfinoâ„¢

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Perfect calligraphy on your PC
Traditional and modern type creativity in one. The new Linotype Zapfino is artistically and technically a masterpiece from the master himself, Hermann Zapf. Linotype Zapfino is a complex font that can be used on the computer for creating calligraphic script layout designs. Its introduction into the market has had an auspicious start and the Type Directors Club of New York has just presented Linotype Zapfino with the prestigious TDC Type Design Award.

Linotype Zapfino encapsulates:
A basic alphabet with antique-style capitals
Three alphabet variations with alternative lowercase charactersLigatures
Swash letters with especially long tails
Additional alternative characters, for example, a choice of ampersands
Around 100 useful ornamental characters, both decorative and informative

Order Linotype Zapfino as Value Pack for instant download.

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