Linotype Font Families - Helvetica


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The Helvetica® (Latin for Swiss) has the objective and functional style which was associated with Swiss typography in the 1950s and 1960s. The font is perfect for international correspondence: no ornament, no emotion, just clear presentation of information. Helvetica font is still one of most popular sans-serif fonts.
Helvetica, the typeface par excellence, can look back on a colorful life. Originally designed for hand composition, it has been adapted over the years for all methods of composition: from hot metal line composition, and opto-mechanical phototypesetting of the first generation, to digital typesetters.

Helvetica contains the following weights:
Helvetica light, Helvetica light oblique, Helvetica roman, Helvetica roman oblique, Helvetica bold, Helvetica bold oblique, Helvetica black, Helvetica black oblique, Helvetica light condensed, Helvetica light condensed oblique, Helvetica condensed, Helvetica condensed oblique, Helvetica bold condensed, Helvetica bold condensed oblique, Helvetica black condensed, Helvetica black condensed oblique, Helvetica narrow roman, Helvetica narrow roman oblique, Helvetica narrow bold, Helvetica narrow bold oblique, Helvetica compressed, Helvetica extra compressed, Helvetica ultra compressed, Helvetica Inserat roman, Helvetica Rounded bold, Helvetica Rounded bold oblique, Helvetica Rounded black, Helvetica Rounded black oblique, Helvetica Rounded bold condensed, Helvetica Rounded bold condensed oblique, Helvetica Textbook roman, Helvetica Textbook roman oblique, Helvetica Textbook bold, Helvetica Textbook bold oblique, Helvetica Fraction, Helvetica Fraction bold.

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