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Presented by the Bauerschen Giesserei in 1928, Futura® font has been commonly known as the font development of the Bauhaus.
Although there was no direct association, Renner’s Futura® font was indeed based on the simple forms of circle, triangle and square. Futura® is a geometrically constructed typeface which reflects the ideas of the Bauhaus and the ’New Typography’.
Over time, Paul Renner made some changes to make Futura® font more legible. It has long ascenders and descenders and therefore requires generous line spacing. Its image is clear, elegant, and timelessly modern, embodying neutrality and objectivity.

The font Futura® is particularly good for text and headlines in: books/text, magazines, posters, advertisements, documentation/business reports, corporate design, multimedia.

The font Futura® combines well with:
almost all serif fonts Old Face and Transitional forms, like Stempel Schneidler®. Didot™ slab serif fonts like Memphis™.
Script and brush fonts like Grace™, Sho™, Ruling Script™.
Black letters like Old English, Clairvaux™.
Fun fonts like Grafilone™, Animalia™, Araby Rafique™.

For Futura we offer two delivery methods:
– Order the entire Futura font family as Value Pack for instant download.
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