Linotype Platinum Collection - Linotype Univers 3.0

Univers® Next

Quality is often visible only on second glance. Subtle changes to certain letters, only noticeable when enlarged – such as refinements of the proportions in the stroke weights, or a slight taper in the exit strokes, or alterations in the curves – lend Linotype Univers a contemporary character and contribute to a homogenous form.

Univers® Next (formerly Linotype Univers), along with Avenir® Next, Compatil®, Eurostile® Next, Frutiger® Next, Optima® nova, Sabon Next, Palatino® nova and Syntax® Next (formerly Linotype Syntax) belongs to the typefaces of the Linotype Platinum Collection.
These fonts were carefully digitized and have the high quality demanded by professional typography. All fonts of the Platinum Collection were produced according to the Linotype tradition of quality.
Linotype and its authorized partners offer these fonts as Platinum Collections CDs or as single fonts or value packs.

Search with the keyword for ‘Frutiger’ to find all fonts in the Linotype Library designed by Adrian Frutiger.

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Online publication

Available is an online brochure on Linotype Univers that you can read directly from your screen.

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