Univers® Next

For over 40 years, Univers has remained one of the most used sanserifs. It binds the rational and economic elements of typography with a timeless elegance and modern grace. Its systematic construction and almost unlimited applications made Univers a success in all corners of the world.

Due to the translation of typefaces from hot-metal setting to phototype, and shortly thereafter to digital typesetting, many new Univers families, some of which differed considerably from the original, appeared on the market. These circumstances forced Linotype to not only rework the classic typeface, but also to redesign it completely, based on the original concept. Out of close collaboration with Adrian Frutiger arose a modern Univers which hearkens back to the qualities of the original design.

What is really new in Linotype Univers? During its development, there were essentially two goals. First, the expansion and refinement of the system from 27 to 63 weights, including careful tuning of the character widths in relation to each other. Second, all of the weights were completely redrawn, with careful attention paid to making the proportions more consistent with each other and improving fine details. In particular, the bold and condensed weights were reworked for improved legibility and on-screen application. Also important was working out the stroke weights. By following Frutiger’s original designs, the humanist character of the sanserif Univers now comes through more distinctly.

Linotype Univers is a modern typeface whose esthetic and technological perfection make it a milestone in typographic history.

Univers® Next (formerly Linotype Univers), along with Avenir® Next, Compatil®, Eurostile® Next, Frutiger® Next, Optima® nova, Sabon Next, Palatino® nova and Syntax® Next (formerly Linotype Syntax) belongs to the typefaces of the Linotype Platinum Collection.
These fonts were carefully digitized and have the high quality demanded by professional typography. All fonts of the Platinum Collection were produced according to the Linotype tradition of quality.
Linotype and its authorized partners offer these fonts as Platinum Collections CDs or as single fonts or value packs.

Search with the keyword for ‘Frutiger’ to find all fonts in the Linotype Library designed by Adrian Frutiger.

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Online publication

Available is an online brochure on Linotype Univers that you can read directly from your screen.

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