Zapf Collection

The Gudrun and Hermann Zapf Collection is a special edition with the largest collection of typefaces from the designers Gudrun and Hermann Zapf. The collection covers a wide range of styles and includes everything from extensive text type families to decorative handwriting types to diverse special characters. Among the highlights of this collection are world famous type families like Palatino®, Optima®, Diotima® and the popular Linotype Zapfino®.

The Gudrun and Hermann Zapf Collection also includes two weights of the type family Optima nova, a part of our Platinum Collection and hence of the very highest aesthetic and technical quality. The entire Optima nova family consists of 40 weights and is available on a separate CD.

The Gudrun and Hermann Zapf Collection also includes no fewer than 17 special character types such as ornaments and mathematical symbols for office use, correspondence and signage. Of special significance are the 8 weights of AMS Euler, a typeface exclusively for mathematical applications and made available courtesy of the American Mathematical Society.

Gudrun and Hermann Zapf Collection contains 143 high quality typefaces in PostScript and/or TrueType format for Mac and PC. Most of the fonts include the Euro symbol.

The AMS Euler mathematical alphabets were designed 1979–1982 together with Professor Donald E. Knuth, Dept. of Computer Science, Stanford University for the American Mathematical Society, Providence/Rhode Island. By special permission of AMS included in this collection.

Hallmark Shakespeare™ Roman and Italic were designed by Gudrun Zapf von Hesse. Copyright 1968 by Hallmark Cards, Inc., Kansas City/Missouri. Named after the first use in the Hallmark Crown Edition "The Shakespeare Sonnets" in 1968.

"Optima nova", part of the exclusive Linotype Platinum Collection, is a completely redesigned type family of 40 alphabets, including Optima nova Titiling with 84 ligatures and special capital letters for posters and headlines.

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