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Linotype Typentypo™ font family

Designed by  Martina Theisen in 2002

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Linotype Typentypo

Font Designer: Martina Theisen, 2002
Linotype Typentypo™ contains lively characters which consist of faces and other parts of the body that build a real letter. Combined to words, this font creates new expressions. Linotype Typentypo is very suitable for the use of initials. Other cartoon fonts from Martina with faces and figures are Linotype Smileface™, Linotype Improfil™ and Linotype Creatures™. Linotype Animalia™ and Linotype Zootype™ are faces with a similar theme like Typentypo.
Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
Download a printable sample of Linotype Typentypo as a PDF.

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