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Linotype Tangomaniacs™ font family

Designed by  Victor Garcia in 2002

Up to 2 Typefaces / 1 Value Packs

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Linotype Tangomaniacs

Font Designer: Victor Garcia, 2002
Victor Garcia about the development and technical details of Linotype Tangomaniacs™:
"It was a dilemma to be solved from start: The intended graphic complexity was a proposal in conflict with the graphic synthesis that requires the digital fonts format to work properly."
It was essential to obtain the best result to be supported by the postscript language used for digital fonts. So, to draw the final artworks on paper was not recommendable.
For that reason, all of the artworks were drawing directly on digital support, in order to keep the maximum control over the graphic synthesis and the purity of the resultant vectorial lines.
At most, in some cases, I have started from simple graphic sketches on paper, scanned later, to use them freely as artwork guidelines.
Despite the technical limitations to turn on drawings into type fonts, it was tried to maintain a high level of detail.
This way, the drawings allow you to make close ups and framings, at your will."

Linotype Tangomaniacs contains two weights: Linotype Tangomaniacs Day and Linotype Tangomaniacs Night.
Victor Garcia about the characteristics of these two font weights:
"Tangomaniacs Day shows tango dancing couples in broad daylight in a realistic, detailed and expressive way. Tangomaniacs Days displays mostly of the people characters with half closed eyes, to emphasize the atmosphere of sensuality and eroticism – macho man/woman- inherent to tango.
Linotype Tangomaniacs Night shows tango dancing silhouette couples in half light in an evocative, synthetic and intimist way. Tangomaniacs Night shows the same people characters in graphic synthesis.
The whole of Victor Garcia comments and the font samples shown on this page, were taken from "Tangomaniacs –2 thematic symbol fonts for dancing Day & Night. By Victor Garcia" (pdf file). A creative digital brochure, made by the fonts designer himself. You will find there his "tangueros" in action. He invites you to tango. Enjoy it!
Please download:
pdf file english (716 kb)
View Victor Garcia´s type designs of Zootype, Tangomaniacs, Bix Plain and Bix Bats into the designer’s Website.
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Linotype Tangomaniacs™ Night

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Linotype Tangomaniacs™ Day

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