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Advanced Typography and Layout Features

The types of features in OpenType fonts can be divided into typographic and layout features.

Typography Features

An OpenType font can contain a wide range of specially designed glyphs such as small caps, old style figures, fractions, ligatures, alternate swash forms and more. In Type 1 and TrueType fonts these glyphs have to be stored in individual fonts. Now the design specific collection of glyphs is in a single file and the selection of the designed form is done by picking the appropriate feature from the feature menu.

Layout Features

Layout features for non-Latin fonts basically depend on linguistic requirements of the language. Many non-Latin languages require a specific positioning of glyphs. Arabic, for example, requires the glyphs to be positioned from right to left. The most prominent layout feature for Latin scripts (as well as for many non-Latin) is kerning.

How to download OpenType fonts:

If you enter the name of the desired typeface into the search field you will receive a list of all fitting fonts in all available formats.

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Adobe OpenType user guide is available as pdf file. Please download:
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