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OpenType Benefits

Improved typographic control and new layout features allow the production of expert quality documents. These are probably the most prominent benefits of OpenType fonts.

The same file works in both Macintosh and Windows operating systems. Support for multiple foreign languages within the same font is another major benefit. An OpenType font can contain more than the 256 glyphs that are the limit for traditional fonts. This allows for more language support – from Eastern European to Chinese – in a single OpenType font file. The maximum number of glyphs is over 65,000.

So who really benefits from OpenType?
• Users and organizations with complex cross platform and workflow requirements
• ad agencies with an international customer base
• organizations with multilingual requirements through global communication.

On top you get the additional typographic control and features.

How to download OpenType fonts:

If you enter the name of the desired typeface into the search field you will receive a list of all fitting fonts in all available formats.

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Adobe OpenType user guide is available as pdf file. Please download:
pdf file english (997,4 kb)
Download PDF