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Linotype currently has over 7000 OpenType fonts available for purchase. The Linotype OpenType fonts that contain PostScript (CFF) information inside the OT structure have the file extension “.otf“ and internally PostScript hints and the system integrated ATM are used for display and print. The typical glyph extensions for these fonts are ligatures and expert sets with typographical features. These fonts are optimized for publishing applications that support OpenType® typographic features and support cross-platform exchange within these applications.

OpenType fonts containing TrueType outlines have the file extension “.ttf“. These fonts use the TrueType rasterizer built into the Mac OSX or Windows XP operating system and TrueType hints for display and print. The typical types of glyph extensions for these fonts are language extensions for Eastern European and non-Latin languages. These fonts are optimized for Microsoft Office applications, where the main area of use is in the international office environment.

How to download OpenType fonts:

If you enter the name of the desired typeface into the search field you will receive a list of all fitting fonts in all available formats.

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Adobe OpenType user guide is available as pdf file. Please download:
pdf file english (997,4 kb)
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