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The OpenType font format is an enhancement to TrueType™ and PostScript® which was jointly developed by Adobe Systems Inc. and Microsoft Corporation. OpenType combines these two technologies and extends their capabilities. The result is a new generation of OpenType fonts with better typographic and layout features as well as the possibility for fully Unicode™ conform extended character sets.
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The idea of a single font format
The goal in the development of OpenType was the combination of the two major formats TrueType and PostScript. Over more than a decade these two formats have dominated the world of publishing, office automation, and operating systems. The choice of format has been a burden for many users, because of the dependencies of each format upon their very own rasterizer and the many unique differences between the two. While PostScript still dominates the publishing industry TrueType is the most widespread format for office automation and operating systems. OpenType was created to bridge the gap and provide one font file that can be used on any major operating system and in any application, regardless of the internal use of TrueType or PostScript outlines. Please see our information below and our FAQs for detailed answers to questions you may have on OpenType.

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Adobe OpenType user guide is available as pdf file. Please download:
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