The Winners

International Type Design Contest 2003

The Winners


In total, 15,000 Euro in prize money was distributed between the winners of the ITDC 2003. Additionally, two contest entrants were chosen at random to receive free copies of BitFonter: Marie Bauer of Germany and Yutaka Ozawa of Japan. These software packages were donated by FontLab, and Linotype arranged the raffle. Congratulations and big thank you to all who entered the competition!

Winners of Category "Text"  Winners of Category "Display"  Winners of Category "Symbol"

1st Price Category Text:

Bohemia, designed by Eduardo Manso (Argentina)

More information about Bohemia

2nd Price Category Text:

Hildegard, designed by Jan Sonntag (Germany)

More information about Hildegard

Honorable Mention Category Text:

Beret, designed by Eduardo Omine (Brazil)

More information about Beret

1st Price Category Display:

Pirourette, designed by Ryuichi Tateno (Japan)

More information about Pirourette

2nd Price Category Display:

Stencil Moonlight, designed by Gustav Grinbergs (Latvia)

More information about Stencil Moonlight

3rd Price Category Display:

Samba, designed by Tony and Caio de Marco(Brazil)

More information about Samba

Honorable Mention Category Display:

Expectation, designed by Guido Bittner (Germany)

More information about Expectation

Honorable Mention Category Display:

Elementis, designed by Hans-Jrgen Ellenberger (Germany)

More information about Elementis

Honorable Mention Category Display:

Brda, designed by Franciszek Otto (Poland)

More information about Brda

Honorable Mention Category Display:

Boogie, designed by Ralf Weissmantel (Germany)

More information about Boogie

1st Price Category Symbol:

Picture Yourself, designed by Karin and Peter Huschka (Symbol)

More information about Picture Yourself

Honorable Mention Category Symbol:

Lubok, designed by Julia Borisovna Balasheva (Russia)

More information about Lubok

Honorable Mention Category Symbol:

Bobotta Icons, designed by Roberto Manella (Germany)

More information about Bobotta Icons
Roberto Manella

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