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Frutiger Arabic® font family

Designed by  Adrian Frutiger in 2007 and Nadine Chahine in 2007

Up to 2 Typefaces / 2 Value Packs

Available licenses for all styles:

Supports up to 52 languages.

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Supports up to 14 OpenType features.

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Neue Frutiger Arabic was created by Nadine Chahine and a team of designers and font engineers from the Monotype Studio, under the direction of Monotype type director Akira Kobayashi. The family is available in 10 weights from Ultra Light to Extra Black.

Neue Frutiger Arabic embodies the same warmth and clarity as Adrian Frutiger's original design, but allows brands to maintain their visual identity, and communicate with a consistent tone of voice, regardless of the language. It is part of the Neue Frutiger World collection, offering linguistic versatility across environments – suited to branding and corporate identity, advertising, signage, wayfinding, print, and digital environments.

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Frutiger Arabic Complete Family Pack

 (8 Typefaces) -  1 variant
From US$ 1,073.99
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Frutiger Arabic Condensed Volume

 (3 Typefaces) -  1 variant
From US$ 537.99
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