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FF Info Text 1 Volume

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FF Info Display 1 Volume

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FF Info Pict Volume

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Tag: aalt

Case-Sensitive Forms

Tag: case


Tag: dnom


Tag: frac

Standard Ligatures

Tag: liga

Lining Figures

Tag: lnum


Tag: numr


Tag: ordn

Proportional Figures

Tag: pnum

Scientific Inferiors

Tag: sinf


Tag: sups

Tabular Figures

Tag: tnum

Contextual Alternates

Tag: calt

Small Capitals From Capitals

Tag: c2sc

Small Capitals

Tag: smcp

Stylistic Alternates

Tag: salt

Historical Forms

Tag: hist


Tag: subs

Sylistic Set 1

Tag: ss01

Sylistic Set 11

Tag: ss11

Capital Spacing

Tag: cpsp


Tag: kern

These fonts feature symbol, pi, border or artwork characters. Each font is Unicode™ encoded, and ava

Tag: Pi/Symbol

These fonts support the Basic Latin character set. Each font is Unicode™ encoded, and available in d

Tag: Basic Latin


Tag: ornm

Slashed Zero

Tag: zero

Sylistic Set 2

Tag: ss02

Sylistic Set 3

Tag: ss03

Sylistic Set 4

Tag: ss04

Sylistic Set 5

Tag: ss05

Sylistic Set 6

Tag: ss06

Sylistic Set 7

Tag: ss07

Sylistic Set 8

Tag: ss08

Sylistic Set 9

Tag: ss09

Sylistic Set 10

Tag: ss10

Alternate Annotation Forms

Tag: nalt