The New Linotype Syntax

Syntax™ was digitalized by Adobe in 1989; the set contained the classical weights light, italic, and semibold, and was expanded to include bold and ultrabold weights. The first three weights were built on a uniform width principle. These relationships, left-overs from matrix setting, led to problems: the semibold was always too narrow, and the italic too wide. These issues along with other inconsistencies, created by the technical limitations of the time, led to the desire to rework the PostScript Syntax™.

How to order Linotype Syntax:
Please note: Before you order Linotype Syntax, you should make a printout of the license agreement, which is attached here in english (504 kb), german (508 kb) and french (508 kb) in PDF format.
Please complete, sign and send it to us by fax (Fax: +49-(0)6172 484 429).

Linotype Syntax™, along with Linotype Compatil™, Linotype Optima™ nova, Linotype Frutiger™ Next, Linotype Sabon™ Next, Linotype Syntax™ Letter, Linotype Syntax™ Serif and Linotype Univers™ belongs to the fonts of the Linotype Platinum Collection.
These fonts were carefully digitized and have the high quality demanded by professional typography. All fonts of the Platinum Collection were produced according to the Linotype tradition of quality.
Linotype and its authorized partners offer these fonts only as complete typeface families on Platinum Collections CDs.

more ... Completely Renovated and Restored: The New Linotype Syntax™

PAGE article issue 11/2001 about Linotype Syntax is available as pdf file. Please download: pdf file german (435,7 kb) Download PDF

Online publication

Available is an online brochure on Linotype Syntax that you can read directly from your screen.

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