The History of Vialog

Vialog® is based on a normally proportioned transportation typeface that Professor Werner Schneider designed as ’Euro Type’ for the German Federal Transportation Ministry in 1988. Behind its forms are comprehensive studies of the legibility of European transportation typefaces regarding their optimization and standardization.
Professor Schneider worked with Helmut Ness of the design agency Fuenfwerken to give the typeface a new look. The main idea was to create a space-saving text typeface that could be used in the challenging field of transportation and information typography, but also fulfill the requirements of a corporate typeface. In spite of the relatively robust forms, Vialog remains an aesthetic and legible typeface due to its detail and quality. It is not just technical, rather, a typeface family which meets high visual and design expectations.

Vialog contains 22 fonts. As an extra bonus, the Vialog CD includes 14 symbol and arrow fonts which match the Vialog fonts perfectly.

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