The History of Vialog

Serifs: The serifs of the i, j and l emphasize the text structure and optimized legibility. (See figure 1)

Forms: The practical, open forms lead to optimal identification of the individual characters as well as high degree of legibility in texts. (See figure 2)

Numerals: The forms of the numerals were designed for the unmistakable transmission of important information. The numerals of Vialog distinguish themselves through their clarity and uniqueness. The silhouettes of the 6 and the 9 are particularly remarkable in this respect. (See figure 3)

Legibility in poor conditions: Tests show that even with extremely blurred characters, individual figures can still be identified due to the carefully designed details. For instance, there is enough space between an r and a following n so that the two figures are not mistaken for an m. The large white spaces of the letters prevent such mistakes even in poor reading conditions. (See figure 4)

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