Vicomte FY font family

Designed by  Joachim Vu in 2014
Jérémie Hornus in 2014
Alisa Nowak in 2014

New font releases in September 2014

Geometrical sans serif and fascinating script fonts

From the myriad of new items this month, we’ve selected fresh, geometrical grotesque fonts and unconventional script fonts for you. If you look very closely, you will find the occasional free font among the introduced typefaces.

Adorn Pomander (Laura Worthington)

Use the friendly and light character of the calligraphic Adorn Pomander from Laura Worthington for wedding invitations or greeting cards, for example. Over 300 letter alternatives help you design word images that are rich in variety.

Adorn Coronet (Laura Worthington)

With the dynamic, solid and maybe even a little edgy handwritten font Adorn Coronet from Laura Worthington, you can add a modern and personal character to your designs. Countless letter alternatives lend the font a high degree of individuality.

Canaro (Rene Bieder)

The lack of spurs lend Canaro from Rene Bieder a unique, highly minimal character. The modern square sans is available in nine weights and offers rich typographic features like alternative letters, different number sets and ligatures.

Swashington (Counterpoint Type Studio)

Jason Walcott makes the swash variants the driving principle for his Swashington. With about 270 ligatures you can design highly individual logos and titles. Swashington cleverly combines the flair of the Art Deco era in the early 20th century with the curvy fonts of the 1970s.

Ropa Sans (lettersoup)

An italic that relies on the Antiqua with incised ends lends the designed grotesque Ropa Sans by Botio Nikoltchev a very special character. Use Ropa Sans for headline or text designs, although the open counters and a large x-height also make the font perfectly legible in the smaller sizes and on displays.

Bunken Tech Sans (Buntype)

The designed letters of Bunken Tech Sans from Petra Niedernolte and Ralf Sander are derived from the square and have a modern, somewhat futuristic flair. With six weights, the font is well equipped and suited to countless tasks.

Appareo (Kimmy Design)

Modeled after an old book font, Appareo from Kimmy Kirkwood looks like a print on coarse paper with incomplete color coverage. Different styles represent different degrees of color application; slightly varying letter forms provide for a diverse word image.

Egon Sans/Egon Sans Condensed (TipgrafiaRamis)

The name of the designed geometric sans serif Egon Sans is an homage to the contemporary German architect Egon Eiermann. Its reduced letters make an industrial, architectural impression. The well-equipped font has numerous weights with matching Italic styles, as well as a Condensed style with reduced letter spacing.

Hoofer (Scholtz Fonts)

Hoofer from Anton Scholtz is a large family with a total of 28 handwritten fonts in different styles. You’ll find brush fonts, monolinear handwritten fonts and handwritten print fonts in the collection. Numerous alternate characters and ornaments round out the range of shapes.

Croog (TipgrafiaRamis)

The designed monolinear Croog from Ramiz Guseynov cleverly integrates handwritten ends into its rounded shapes, creating a warm and friendly character. Croog best shows off its individual flair in the larger font sizes.

Younion (Fontyou)

Varying letter spacing and numerous ligatures are the building blocks from which you can create your own unique word marks with the sans serif Younion. The font was designed by Gregori Vincens, Gia Tran, Alisa Nowak, Valentine Proust and Elvire Volk.

Exquise (Fontyou)

A high degree of contrast in the weights and conspicuously shaped line ends lend Exquise from Bertrand Reguron, Gia Tran, Alisa Nowak, Valentine Proust and Elvire Volk an extravagant and noble character. Different weights and numerous ligatures give you more room to play in your designs.

Paname (Fontyou)

Paname, the brush font from Elliott Amblard and Gia Tran, brings a vintage feeling to your posters, logos, packaging and headers. Swash alternates and ligatures assist you in designing a custom word image.

Vicomte (Fontyou)

Relatively sharp transitions give Vicomte from Joachim Vu, Jérémie Hornus and Alisa Nowak its own, somewhat austere character. Derived from engraved copperplate fonts, Vicomte is suitable for fine printed stationary with a special flair.

Oscine (Dalton Maag)

Round, constructed and very reduced letters characterize Oscine from Bruno Maag, Ron Carpenter, Fernando Caro and Rafael Saraiva. As a result, Oscine recalls stencil font. Oscine is especially suitable for headlines or short texts, but cuts a good figure in branding, in particular, thanks to its high recognition value.

Vicomte FY

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