Urban Barbarian font family

Designed by  John Roshell in ;

He’s been mixing one part artist and one part barbarian since 2005. Brutal, ruthless, cutthroat, he moves through the concrete jungle, unsheathing his, um, sword, taking what he wants without care or remorse. He follows no rules. He is the URBAN BARBARIAN. The Spoils of Battle Await Him! Is he Conan? Roger ‘Mad Men’ Sterling? No, he’s Dan Panosian. Artist. Author. Lover of fine women, drinker of fine scotch, drawer of fine pictures. This is his fine font. Well, one of them. See the families related to Urban Barbarian:

Dan Panosian


Two fonts: all-uppercase GIANT and upper/lowercase DWARF.

Urban Barbarian Dwarf

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Urban Barbarian

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File name: CCUrbanBarbarianDwarf.ttf
Windows menu name: CCUrbanBarbarianDwarf
PostScript name: , CCUrbanBarbarianDwarf
PostScript full name: , CCUrbanBarbarianDwarf
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