BullyGirl font family

Designed by  Valery Zaveryaev
Maria Luarvik

Extensive copy body fonts

Extensive copy body fonts and other fascinating recently published fonts

We have once more gone out searching for you and have discovered some exciting new releases. This section introduces you to 15 new fonts, from fresh text font to extravagant calligraphic cursive.

Prumo Families (DSType Foundry)

The extended
Prumo family™ by Dino dos Santos revisits antiqua fonts of the 18th and 19th centuries. Characteristic attributes are the extreme contrast in stroke thickness and the very delicate linear serifs. The family is readily legible even in small point sizes not least because of its generous x-height. Santos has provided the fonts of the extended Prumo family in five variants, that of Prumo Banner, Prumo Text, Prumo Deck, Prumo Display, and Prumo Poster. In the case of each variant, the contrast in stroke thickness has been optimised for one particular size range. This ensures that the character of the letters is retained irrespective of the context, whether text or headline, and there is no fracture of hairlines when they are printed. These four variants are complemented by Prumo Slab, a version with more prominent serifs, and Prumo Poster. This latter is a very robust style of the typeface that comes with extras in the form of outlines, letter contours that can be colour-customised and even gradients that can be generated using lines.

Zaza (Resistenza)

The extremely geometrical letter forms are the most striking feature of this uppercase font by Giuseppe Salerno. Because it takes the contrast between stroke thicknesses to extremes, Zaza can only be used in larger point sizes.

Modern B42 (Besnard)

Modern B42 by Roselyne and Michel Besnard may be reminiscent of blackletter, but it represents a monolinear variant thereof. Modern B42 looks as if its characters have been written using a felt-tip pen. The ornamental uppercase letters with their double outline ensure that Modern B42 has its own specific individuality.

BullyGirl (Gaslight Type Foundry)

The easygoing, irregular appearance of the letters determines the personality of BullyGirl by Maria Luarvik and Valery Zaveryaev. This font that takes the form of small caps comes with numerous alternative glyphs that you can use to create your own personal style.

CA Postal (Cape Arcona)

Stefan Claudius used small stamped letters as the inspiration for his CA Postal, the irregular outlines of which provide the font with dynamism, particularly in the larger point sizes. There are many alternative letters with slightly modified forms that can be employed to emphasize the hand-printed nature of this font.

Talis (Eurotypo)

Talis by Olcar Alcaide is an unexpectedly substantial font family. Agile letter forms and a slight contrast in line thickness provide this sans serif with a highly energetic character. Talis is available in nine weights, each with matching italics. Variants with modified tracking complete the range.

Hiruko Stencil (ThinkDust)

Hiruko Stencil is the latest addition to the Hiruko font family by Alex Haigh – a sans serif with rounded corners inspired by the Swiss typographic tradition. The stabilisation bars in this stencil font have been carefully positioned so that all letters harmonise perfectly with each other.
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Font Designer: Maria Luarvik


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