DIN Next™ Devanagari font family

Designed by  Akira Kobayashi in 2012
Kimya Gandhi in 2012

किसी जाति का जीवन तथा इन

DIN Next – DIN Next Devanagari

In collaboration with the designer Kimya Gandhi, the Linotype Design Studio has designed DIN Next for the Indian Devanagari writing system. They have succeeded in transferring the technical, somewhat cool and stencil-like character of DIN Next, so popular chiefly with designers, to the unfamiliar writing system. Five weights are available: Light, Regular, Medium, Bold and Heavy. In addition to Devanagari, all weights also include the basic set of Latin characters.

The weights of DIN Next Devanagari

Sample of running text using DIN Next Devanagari to illustrate its excellent legibility

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