Type Gallery – ITC Grimshaw Hand

Font Designer: Phill Grimshaw, 1995

ITC Grimshaw Hand™ is based on the handwriting of its British designer, Phill Grimshaw. Warm and lively, this typeface has the look of spontaneous handwriting with a little extra panache. Note the jaunty k, the swooping f, the simply stylish s, and the absolutely zingy cap Q and R. Grimshaw designed this face in 1995, at a time when he was also playing the guitar and mandolin. Handwriting fonts give an air of intimacy to the graphic design of advertising pieces, packaging, invitations, greeting cards – and ITC Grimshaw Hand has the touch of sweet music in its enthusiastic strokes.
Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
Download a printable sample of ITC Grimshaw Hand as a PDF.

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