Handwriting 2 Selection Value Pack

Handwriting 2 Selection Value Pack

Handwriting Selection

Add a personal touch:
five fonts in our Handwriting Selection.

Handwriting Fonts Selection

Our handwriting is as individual as our appearance. When it comes to the everyday, we usually don’t bother with calligraphic effects and skilful adornments when we are jotting down notes or writing letters. And it is precisely this special handmade, personal effect that digitalised handwritten fonts can give a text design.
Why not see for yourself how versatile and distinctive digitalised handwritten fonts can be? Our Handwriting Selection consists of five different script fonts in the contemporary OpenType format.

Brief information on the fonts making up the Selection:

Bradley Type Regular
Bradley Type™ is a space-saving script font by Richard Bradley. There are ligatures and alternative versions of letters to provide for variety and these endow the typeface with that certain something. In addition to Bradley Type Regular, other versions, from Italic to Heavy Italic, can be used to ring the design changes.

Felt Tip Bold
The handwritten letters of Felt Tip Bold are a digitalised version of the handwriting of its designer, Mark Simonson. Felt Tip Regular and Felt Tip Heavy round off the family.

ITC Kloegirl Lotus
The Australian designer Chloé Papazahariakis has taken an entirely different route and designed a script that changes with mood Scott Carslake used the script as the basis for his ITC Kloegirl™ Lotus, which consists of lowercase letters only. There are alternative forms of letters that can be used in place of uppercase characters. The ITC Kloegirl family also includes the variant ITC Kloegirl New York, with its angular, spontaneous appearance.

The predominant feature of Jiffy™ is the size of its uppercase letters, which satisfyingly contrast with the smaller and narrower lowercase letters. Jiffy’s spontaneous effects are perfect for setting short and mid-length texts.

1968 Graffiti
Sincerely Regular by Rebecca Alaccari is the digital version of Karlgeorg Hoefer’s Elegance. This expansively proportioned script with its extremely delicate lines of near uniform thickness is based on the handwriting of the well-known typographer.