Celtic Value Pack

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Celtic Value Pack

Celtic Value Pack

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Enigmatically romantic type – our Celtic Value Pack for only .

Discover a new range of mystical-medieval options with our newest Value Pack! The five typefaces, American Uncial, Eirinn, Galahad, Linotype Irish Text, and Omnia, each open a wide-range of design possibilities; together, no Celtic wish could be left unfulfilled. If that weren’t enough, we are pleased to present all of this enigmatic beauty for an unmatchable price!

These typefaces are included in the Celtic Pack:

American Uncial™ was designed by Victor Hammer in 1943. Uncial typefaces consist of letter forms of the Capitalis Monumentalis and the majescule cursive. The origins of Uncial faces date back to the 5th century. The Neue Hammer Unziale font was developed from the Hammer typeface, which was designed by Victor Hammer in 1921, cut by A. Schuricht and appeared with the font foundry Klingspor in 1923. In 1953, American Uncial was expanded to include some new figures, also designed by Hammer, and was rereleased by Klingspor with the name Neue Hammer Unziale. The forms are based on old scripts in books of antiquity and the early Middle Ages and the font is a new variation of a classic. Neue Hammer Unziale font has been a favorite for certificates and diplomas and is recommended for headlines and shorter texts in a point size of 12 or larger.

Eirinn™ was created by Norbert Reiners for Linotype in 1994. Its forms are based on those of Irish scripts of the 7th and 8th centuries, an example of which can be found in the Book of Celts in Dublin. Characteristic of this style are for example the lower case f with its short cross stroke on the base line and long cross stroke above, the unusual form of the g, and the t, whose form is almost like that of a c. This style consisted of a mixture of lower case and capital letters at the time of its conception, but Eirinn has a full set of both lower case and capital alphabets. At first glance the viewer is reminded of ancient and indecipherable writings of the Celts before the forms of our contemporary letters and words become evident. Eirinn will lend a touch of mysticism and secrecy to any text. The Celtic Value Pack includes the font weights Eirinn ASCii and Eirinn Gaelic.

Galahad™ was designed by the artist Alan A. Blackman in 1994. It is a sans serif font with a calligraphic flair particularly suited for displays, although its open geometric forms make it a good choice for shorter texts as well. The Celtic Value Pack includes the font weight Galahad Regular.

Linotype Irish Text™, designed by designer Torsten Weisheit in 1997, is based on Irish scripts of the 5th century. Characteristic of this style is the mixture of upper case letters in the mostly lower case alphabet and vice versa. The letters look as though written with a broad tipped pen and have triangular serifs, displaying a decorative tendency akin to that of Irish calligraphy. Linotype Irish Text is intended exclusivley for headlines in large point sizes.

Omnia™ was created in 1990 by Karlgeorg Hoefer. In designing Omnia font, Karlgeorg Hoefer was inspired by the all-caps handwriting of the 3rd-9th centuries.

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