Movie Value Pack

Designed by  Various in 2005

Movie Value Pack

Movie Style Value Pack

Fonts fit for a star – The Movie Value Pack for only .

This year’s Oscar season may have come and gone, but the pictures themselves will always be with us. Like all artistic branches, graphic and typeface design play their own role in film production. Whenever the promotional materials for a film are to be made, certain stock styles are always in demand. Our new Movie Value pack brings five fonts together for one low price, putting a sampling of popular Hollywood typefaces at your fingertips!

These typefaces are included in the Movie Value Pack:

The bottoms of these promotional materials: lots of information squeezed into as small a space as possible. Often, just capital letters are used; probably so that movie stars and their directors feel more important! ITC Roswell™ Two, from American designer Jim Parkinson, captures this glamour and space-saving feature perfectly.

Every poster needs an expressive headline to match its imagery! If the film takes place in the 1920s or 30s, art deco, futuristic elements, and a modernism aura will most likely be apparent. Capture the evocativeness this golden age of Hollywood with Linotype Spitz™ Black by Oliver Brentzel.

Films set a few decades later are often filled with suave furniture or bogus sci-fi alien invasions. What typeface should be cast for this sort of leading part? Microgramma™ Medium Extended, designed by Alessandro Butti and Aldo Novarese!

Sports films are dynamic, filled with speed and action. Aldo Novarese, the Italian master of letterforms, developed a face that looks as if it has been snapped freeze-frame: Sprint™.

Where do casual handwriting fonts appear in the land of movies? In romantic comedies and love stories, of course! Why not audition Squire™ from Austrian typographer Michael Neugebauer for this your next design piece.

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