Summertime Value Pack

Designed by  Various in 2005

Summertime Value Pack

Summertime Value Pack

Available as Value Pack for instant download

Fonts for Sun and Fun – Linotype’s Summertime Value Pack for only .

Compose your summer with Linotype’s newest Value Pack! Fun, party designs have never been easier to design than with this collection of five fonts.

These typefaces are included in the Summertime Value Pack:

British designer Tim Donaldson created the lively typeface Etruscan™ in 1995. Based on Etruscan letters from ancient Italy, this unusual and condensed sans serif face whimsically mixes soft lowercase characters with more angular capitals. Etruscan brings light and airy classical form into contemporary documents, and a sunny Mediterranean flair and jollity into your projects.

ITC Jambalaya™ is the work of New York designer Frank Marciuliano, an adventurous, energetic display typeface. Marciuliano treats each character like its own work of art, resulting in a detailed and eclectic alphabet. The ITC Jambalaya is a lively typeface perfect for funky, upbeat display applications.

Jiffy™ is a calligraphic typeface with even width strokes and a lively, zestful alphabet. Generous capitals contrast wonderfully with narrower, closer lower case letters. Jiffy looks overall dynamic and vibrant. The figures have no uniform orientation, rather, seem to dance across the line at will, giving the typeface a childlike quality. The capitals dominate with their size and form. Jiffy suggests a personal, spontaneous atmosphere and is a good choice for short and medium length texts.

Linotype Party Time™, the work of Bulgarian designer Christo Velikov, is composed exclusively of capital letters. Different components make up this cheeful, frolicking font: stripes, dots, triangles, arrows, a trumpet, a ribbon, and others. Linotype Party Time is perfect for anything which has to do with fun and should be used exclusively in larger point sizes to emphasize the details which make the figures so unique.

Party™ was designed by Carol Kemp, a wild, intoxicating typeface. The capitals can be used alone or as initials for the lowercase. Many alternate characters and ligatures are included, as well as a selection of party theme illustraions. No better way to set the tone for fun than with Party.

Order the Summertime Fonts as Value Pack for instant download.
The typeface Jiffy is original Artwork of Linotype Design Studio; created exclusively for Linotype GmbH or its affiliates companies. The design may be protected in certain jurisdictions.